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  • Your team of employees is the single most important factor in determining the success of your organization, and at PHR Consulting we understand this. That's why we're committed to helping you find the best employees out there. 

  • Tailoring your total rewards package to suit your business is essential to accomplishing the mission and goals of your business. We help you find the right combination of pay, benefits, pension and perks so you can attract, motivate and retain valued talent. 

  • Work relationships and behaviour can be difficult and complex.  At times there are behavioural or relationship issues that need to be addressed, or negotiations that need to happen. We're here to provide coaching to ensure your business runs smoothly. 

  • Health and Safety affects everyone. Having the right processes in place can prevent accidents and keep related costs down. Proper management of health and safety requires a systematic and detail oriented process, involving management and employees together. Let us help you to develop the proper procedures to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

  • With a robust training and development program, you can ensure your employees are kept engaged and growing, and that you will have the skills you need for your business to thrive for a long time to come.    Let us do help you develop the right training and development program for your business.

  • Career Counselling can help you make the right choice at an important point in your life. We offer validated personality and interest testing to help you discover what career choice is right for you. From there, we provide you with the practical tools you need to ensure your next job search is a successful one. 

  • Who We Are

    Welcome! to the home of PHR Consulting Inc., an organization dedicated to enhancing the performance and health of organizations by implementing creative and effective human resources solutions for our clients. Since 2004, PHR Consulting has been working with small to medium size businesses, to improve their processes, keeping their operations running smoothly and employees engaged. We offer services in all areas of HR, including talent acquisition, total rewards, health and safety, employee relations, training and development and more. PHR Consulting also offers career counseling services to individuals.